Ep 214: Scoring Your Life : Understanding Level of Effort

Scoring is a measurement of Level of Effort (commonly referred to as LOE in the Technology world). This level of effort is a scale you might have seen used as “Low” “Moderate” “High” in the past, and functions in a similar way.

Because not all tasks and actions are created equal. There are certain things we need to accomplish that are easier than others, and this needs to be accounted for. Just because you got 10 things done this week and 2 the next, doesn’t necessarily mean you were less productive. Those two things could have carried a much larger LOE and could actually mean you got MORE accomplished.

Through a numbering system that makes sense to you, and keeping that consistent. I prefer a deviation of the Fibonacci Sequence which uses numbers to dictate the level of effort needed to complete a task or action.

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