Hate to Lose, or Love to Win?

Are you Hate to Lose or Love to win?

There are generally two different types of people in this world, especially in competition, and those people are either you love to win and are driven by winning, the feelings or winning – celebration and the feelings of accomplishments in your life, or you hate to lose and you are driven by the absolute hate of the feeling of gut check, disappointment and anger of missed opportunity.

While no matter your drive competition sits in all of us. While some people will claim to say that “they’re not competitive” – they’re in fact lying. It’s in our nature to be competitive, that’s the feeling of jealousy when your brother or sister gets more attention than you from your parents when you were younger, when your best friend gets a better Christmas present or gets the present you wanted, it’s the feeling when someone scored better than you on a quiz you busted your ass on – and the obvious – it’s the feeling you get when someone else is attempting to take something from you.

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