The Tactical Mind with guest Nick Fuller

Nick Fuller studied sport psychology at West Virginia University and a Masters from the California University of PA in the same field. Nick went on to work with the United States Army working with Army Rangers, Tankers, Apache and Blackhawk Pilots, and Infantrymen helping to increase their resilience and become battle-ready. Nick helps took what he taught soldiers and now helps student-athletes from many different sports increase their mental game to separate themselves from the competition, as CEO of The Tactical Mind.

  1. Backstory
  2. You talk about your lack of mental strength in your own journey, elaborate
  3. Your time in working with the military and what it taught you
  4. From Soldiers to Athletes, what is the biggest hurdle in mental preparation?
  5. What is a Corporate Athlete?
  6. Celebrating success, cohesive team foundations – in a remote world?

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