The Map is not the Terrain: Guest Jim Vasconcellos

Jim Vasconcellos is a Senior Consultant with over 25 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business development, project management, technology implementation, process design, and development of programs to leverage technology for organizational change.  Jim began his work life in the Air Force as an Intelligence Collection Officer and holds a Master of Science in Systems Management, from University of Southern California.

  1. Your Story
  2. What was your time like in the military and what lessons did you take from it to translate to civilian life?
  3. Master of  Science in Systems Management
  4. We talk a lot different theories and methodologies on this show, one being the agile methodology, you talk about system theory – tell me about that
  5. Theories aren’t Scary 
  6. The map is not the terrain – explain that for me

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