Innovating Politics with Spike Cohen

Today we are talking about something that shaped our country – that being politics. What you might now know – or might not remember – is many of our founding fathers were entrepreneurs and business owners, inventors – in fact some call George Washington America’s first entrepreneur.

While we are no longer dumping tea into the harbor – at least not last I checked – our politics are again being shaped by the entrepreneur and the road to the oval office has become one of innovation.

Today we talk about waffle house, a badger, wearing boots on your head and free ponies for everyone as we sit down with Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee Spike Cohen and talk about how entrepreneurship shaped his road to politics.

Jeremy “Spike” Cohen is an American activist, entrepreneur, and podcaster. Spike built up a technology and web design company, ultimately selling his web design business, and turning his focus to libertarian activism. He is the current Vice Presidential Nominee of the Liberbertarian Party.

Show Notes

  • Do I call you spike or Jeremy?
    • How did you get the nickname Spike?
  • So you have a history in tech, what drove you into web development? Did you grow up around technology or have it in the house?
    • Did you always have the drive to entrepreneurship?
    • Do you think this entrepreneurship drive drove you into politics?
  • Vermin Supreme – “Trojan Horse”
    • 5% Libertarian access
    • Running a “Real Campaign”
    • Won the New Hampshire ballot
    • Idea to get eye balls onto the campaign
  • The Punch line campaign
  • Ralph Nader, Ross Perot and the effect on modern politics
    • Would they be able to “break through in todays market”?
  • The Bloomberg Effect and marketing politics
    • Hiring influencers, running ads
  • From Podcast to Politics
    • Was this ever the goal?
    • Sense of humor to spread a movement
  • Baby Yoda. cheesy bread, the badger and the Waffle House
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