The Law of Attraction with Guest Erin Searfus

Erin J. Searfus  is an ever-evolving, constantly unfolding cre-a-trix, entrepreneur and leader. Her purpose is to ignite radical generosity, infuse love and ex-po-nen-tialize joy. Born and raised in the East Bay, she moved to San Francisco and spent a two year stint in Cambodia where she served good times on island time. In January 2020, Erin founded the company Koine with the intention to help solve all the worlds biggest problems through a foundation of connection and communication. Erin’s first book is in the works and her poet alter ego, the Girl with the Pink Bow, can be seen at her monthly global event Poetry to See. Erin embraces the abundance mindset and is here to talk about visualization, gratefulness and the Law of Attraction.

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  1. Tell me about where you grew up
  2. What is the law of attraction?
  3. So you picked up your life and moved to a country – on an instinct?
  4. What steps did you take, visually, to create that bar
  5. What do you say to someone who thinks its Hocus Pocus?
  6. How do you pivot so quickly?
  7. Close – tell me about Poetry See
Erin’s vision board – as referenced in the recording.

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