Ep. 3 with Kirk Wiles, Owner Paradise Springs Winery

Kirk Wiles was in New York City at a party celebrating his inclusion in Wine Enthusiast‘s Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers of 2019.

Wiles is the founder and CEO of Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton and in Santa Barbara, California. Wiles says it’s the first bi-coastal wine brand in the United States. With family land, Wiles brought winemaking to Fairfax County in 2007, and 18 months ago, opened a tasting room on the West Coast, which also sells the wine made back east, especially bottles filled with grapes that grow well here: petit mangsang, tannat, petit verdot, Norton.

We sat down with the winery owner for a conversation on his path to owning his own vineyard, how the winery is innovating during an increased remote time and the importance of connecting with your community and customer base – all while drinking his wine.

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